Sleepy Snoozy Cozy Coozy, A Book of Animal Beds

Written by Judy Young
Illustrated by Michael Glenn Monroe

[ Digger and Daisy - Book Cover Image ]
In the forest thick with trees
A moose will bend his wobbly knees
Laying down he starts to snore
Sleeping on the forest floor.

A dark and freaky
Sometimes leaky
Dirty, beetle-y
Pinecone, needle-y

Brushy bushy
Not too cushy
Place where your wonít lay your head
But to a moose it is a bed.

With a charming combination of poetry and prose, young readers will learn not only where certain North American animals make their beds but also how and why they sleep as they do. Each animal is introduced with a fun and rhythmic singsong-y, tongue-twisting poem guaranteed to bring smiles and encourage reader participation. Accompanying text provides information about the animal's unique sleeping habits. Finally, at book's end, the reader is gently guided back to a soft cozy bed of her own.

Now Available as a Board Book!

With easy to turn cardboard pages, little readers get a peek at a variety of animals and the different kinds of beds they sleep in. From a snuggly underground mole hole to a hermit crabís borrowed shell, soon itís bedtime for everyone!

(Only partial text is included in the board book format.)


  • 2016/17 Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award Finalist
  • 2015 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award


School Library Journal: "The rhythmic poetry of this selection will have children asking for more as they learn about the sleeping habits of various North American animals. The expository text that accompanies each spread provides enough content to satisfy young students and encourage slightly older kids to do further research. Ending each entry with a question, the author asks readers to compare their own sleeping habits with those of the creatures covered. The soft, lifelike illustrations of slumbering beasts enhance the text. The final page depicts a child in bed with stuffed toys, making this offering a soothing bedtime story. VERDICT: A solid read-aloud that may inspire some to seek out more information."

Picture Book Depot:: "One of the best ways to help little people learn to love and protect nature is to provide them with great picture books on the subject. Author Judy Young does just that in her latest picture book about adorable animals and the way they sleep.... In addition to possessing the coveted talent of knowing how to convey detailed information to very young children without making it too much of a "school lesson," Ms. Young is also an expert at tickling the readersí ears with bouncy prose that keeps them smiling long after the last page has been read... This book [is] perfect for early elementary science classrooms, art activities on a lazy Friday afternoon, or independent reading time in the school library."

Through the Looking Glass Review:: "In this fact packed book, charming illustrations are paired with wonderfully descriptive poems and sections of informative text. The poems are full of descriptive words that give the reader a sense of what each animal bed is like. The accompanying text offers up interesting details about each of the animal species that are featured. Children will learn about a wide variety of animal beds, and will appreciate that to each animal, their bed is just perfect, even though we would probably not be happy if we had to sleep in an eagleís nest, a desert fox's burrow, or in a beaver's lodge."

Published by Sleeping Bear Press, 2015

Hard Cover 32 pages, 11 x 9 inches, ISBN 978-1-58536-908-9
US $15.99
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Board Book 22 pages, 7 x 5 inches, ISBN 978-1-53411-034-2
US $9.99
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