Welcome to the Wild World of Buck Bray Scrapbook

When I was in Denali National Park in Alaska shooting the first episode of my TV show, I kept a scrapbook. Check it out – I saw some awesome stuff!

And make sure you read my book, too! You won’t believe what happened to me!
- Buck Bray

This is the official Buck Bray Traveling Studio but I call our camper


And I now have some beastly souvenirs in the Green Beast, too!

We camped in Denali National Park at Teklanika Campground beside the Teklanika River.

Can you see why it’s called a “braided river?”


Caribou are so majestic!

This moose almost killed me!

Arctic Ground Squirrels are noisy little fellas!

The willow ptarmigan is Alaska’s State Bird.

Can you spot two Dall Sheep?

But what Everyone wants to see are


See how easily a big bear can hide behind a small willow tree!

So, when you’re in bear country, somebody better have some bear spray!

I hiked out on the Teklanika riverbed, and look what I saw!

A grizzly print next to a caribou print!

I saw something else out on the riverbed, too–

in my

You’ll have to read my book to find out what it was!

But first, there are a few people I want you to meet

This is Judy Young, the author who invented me and made up my story!

Judy went to Alaska on a four-month long research trip to write
The Missing Grizzly Cubs!

Here she’s hiking in Denali. Did you notice Judy has bear spray on her belt?

Judy found a Dall sheep horn while hiking.

Here’s Judy and her husband, Ross,
“On top of the World!”

And here’s Denali, the tallest mountain in North America.

If you look closely, there’s a caribou on the tundra!

I also want you to meet

Declan, Anna and Liam!

They camped next to Judy at Teklanika
and hiked with her in Denali!
( They’re in The Missing Grizzly Cubs, too! )

This is Declan. He’s eleven, like me! When he first stepped on the tundra, he said,
“Wow, it’s really springy!”

Anna is nine years old. While hiking, she ate as many blueberries as a grizzly!

Liam is seven. Even after hiking all day, he was still attentive and riding back to Teklanika, he suddenly called out, “Animal! It’s an animal!” Sure enough. Liam spotted some Dall sheep!

Here, Liam holds a moose antler!

While camping at Teklanika, Judy started writing
The Missing Grizzly Cubs!

It’s about 11:30 at night and this far north, the sky is still bright!

Judy also wrote at a makeshift riverside desk!

And here it is – the result of Judy’s hard work!
A book all about me!

I had so many exciting adventures,
and some scary ones, too!

So, go grab a copy!
I can’t wait for you to read it!
- Buck Bray

P.S. In Danger at the Dinosaur Stomping Grounds near Canyonlands National Park, I got to see these pictographs and thousands of dinosaur tracks!

P.P.S. In The Wolves of Slough Creek, these bison charged at me across the parking lot in Yellowstone National Park. The colors in the hot springs were amazing, and, using binoculars, I spotted some WOLVES!!!

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