Hey Kids!

Have you read one of my books? (I hope so!) Am I coming to visit your school soon? (That would be cool!) Maybe you want to know about me and my books. (Iíd love to tell you!) Just click on the questions below. Have fun!

Judy Young

I live in the country outside Springfield, Missouri. My house is surrounded by woods and we have a trail that winds through the trees to a little campsite. We have seen foxes, deer, coyotes, hawks, owls and eagles on our property. I have also lived in Oklahoma and Maine.

I work at home. My office has a big picture window looking across our backyard and into the woods. I have a desk with my computer on it and a rocking chair. Three walls have bookcases, and my huge dictionary sits on top of a file cabinet. A fireplace makes my space warm and cozy.

Yes. My husband is Ross B. Young. He is an artist. He usually paints oil paintings you put in frames on walls, but he illustrated my books S is for Show Me, A Missouri Alphabet and Show Me the Number, A Missouri Number Book.

I was born the day before Valentine's Day, six years after the half-century mark in the 1900s. Can you figure it out?

Yes! This is my daughter, Brett, and her cat, Chaps.

This is my son, Reid, holding a brown trout he caught in Idaho.

We have three dogs: Hobo, Pip and Knuck. Each has a special story about how it got its name. One summer day, a big, black, Labrador Retriever showed up at our house, just like a hobo might show up somewhere. So, we named him Hobo and he likes to help me write! Pip, the runt of a Brittany litter, is still real small, so her name is short for pipsqueak. Knuck, a German Shorthair, is a big goofy knucklehead. Whatís the story behind your petís name?

When I was about ten, I showed my grandma a poem I had written. She encouraged me to keep writing, and I have been writing ever since. I had some poems published in magazines when I was grown up, and became a published author in 2001 with my first book, S is for Show Me, A Missouri Alphabet.

Yes! Basil B. Barnwhitten from my book The Hidden Bestiary starred in a video and I had a bit part at the end! Haven't you seen it yet? Just click on "Meet B.B.B." on the sidebar menu.

Ideas are everywhere, even under rocks! Look around! You'll find ideas at school, at the store, in paintings and photographs. They are outside and inside, come from real experiences and from your daydreams. Ideas float by in the wind, swim in the bathtub and hide in conversations. Sometimes my dogs help me find ideas!

Some people confuse "hard" with "having to think." Writing isn't hard, but you do have to think. A lot! Writing takes effort, thought, choosing words carefully, rereading, rewriting, revising, and editing. The hardest part is taking time to do these things, taking the time to think. Thinking isn't hard, is it?

I take a walk almost every day. I like to hike, fish, camp, and travel, mainly to remote places where I can fish, hike and camp. I always have a good book to read and I love to play games.

Yes! I visit schools all over the country! Ask your teacher if I can come to your school!


Judy Young

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